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Club Cleo is the revolutionary name behind home-use natural health & beauty treatments. With 3 key products at its core; the Cleo Q Face & Body toning system, Cleo Q Discreet Pelvic Exerciser & Cleo Active Leg Therapy; as well as its selection of skincare treatments and new Probiotic skincare range, Cleo has been helping women look good and feel great for over 2 decades.

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Amy Gregory & Kate Burn
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Club Cleo supports modern day women during National Continence Awareness Week with ‘secret agent’ Q

As National Continence Awareness Week is upon us, the revolutionary brand name behind natural health and beauty treatments, Club Cleo, is working to combat the common issues associated with pelvic floor weakness, with a helping hand from a secret agent – Cleo Q Discreet. Encouraged to talk about their problems rather than ignore them, today’s modern women are all about embracing inner as well as outer beauty. Whilst suffering from a weak pelvic floor is a surprisingly common but sensitive issue, it’s one that, unbeknown to many, can be easily treated.

  • Healthy pelvic muscle tone is probably one of the most important aspects of feeling feminine, yet something the majority of women choose to ignore or have little available information about
  • The recommended daily amount of traditional kegel contractions required to restore healthy muscle tone to this area is a minimum 350-450, which most women find exhausting and impossible to achieve
  • Cleo Q Discreet can safely & effortlessly provide up to 1500 comprehensive contractions during a single session lasting only a few minutes – this would be impossible to match by any other method
  • Childbirth, hormonal changes during menopause, prolonged or excessive exercise, and aging are just some of the common causes of pelvic floor weakness
  • However, young women who’ve never had children are likely to suffer from pelvic floor problems due to the design of the urinary tract, which is shorter in females than in males, and as such is more susceptible to infection
  • Doctors around the world acknowledge that at least 80% of cases of incontinence can be improved or even cured by exercising the pelvic muscle
  • Stimulation of the pelvic floor not only improves control of the bladder and responsiveness during intimacy but also increases blood flow to the region, encouraging healthy cell renewal, reducing the risk of infection and assisting the prevention of developing problems associated with pelvic floor weakness in the future

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