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We were bored of the industrially brewed lagers and stuffy ales that dominate the UK market. We decided the best way to fix this undesirable predicament was to brew our own beers. Consequently in April 2007 BrewDog was born.Both only 24 at the time, we leased a building, got some scary bank loans, spent all our money on stainless steel and started making some hardcore beers.

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Craft course: BrewDog launches “Beer School” in Newcastle

Maverick Scottish brewery gives students crash course in beer tasting and brewing

Scotland’s largest independent brewery, BrewDog, is today launching its inaugural beer school session at its Newcastle bar on Dean Street.

Freshers from Newcastle University will be taking part in the short course that aims to educate young people about the process of brewing beer, expose them to career opportunities in the fast growing craft beer industry and cultivate a responsible approach to the consumption of alcohol.

The beer school session begins at 3pm and will be led by BrewDog Newcastle Manager, Helen Davison.

Participating students will learn:

  • What goes into real beer: a step-by-step guide to the brewing process
  • How to taste beer: identifying different ingredients in beer
  • How to recognise different beer styles: know the difference between your IPA and your lager
  • Matching beer and cheese: does a stout go with Stilton?
  • Why craft beer represents the future of beer making

The beer school session will also cater to those students interested in pursuing a career in beer making.

Topics covered include:

  • How to get into homebrewing
  • Managing casual bar work during university study
  • Entering the brewing industry
  • Case studies from current BrewDog Newcastle staff


Helen Davison, Manager at BrewDog Newcastle said:

“It’s a shame that many young people in Britain are woefully undereducated about beer and alcohol, and this definitely has a part to play in the alcohol abuse we see amongst young people, especially students. What we hope to do with this beer school is to get students to fall in love with good beer, not the massively watered down version mainstream brands have forced down their throats through advertising.”

“For many new students in Newcastle, this will be the first time they’ll be able to drink without parental supervision and we want to make sure they are approaching this freedom with a sense of responsibility and an appreciation for the various styles of beer and the many ways the beautiful drink can be enjoyed. We hope the beer school inspires a new crop of craft beer enthusiasts, home brewers and future beer entrepreneurs.”

BrewDog is Britain’s fastest growing food and drinks brand. In June 2013, it launched the third instalment of its Equity for Punks scheme, aiming to raise £4 million by making 42,000 shares available to anyone to buy online at £95 each, ignoring traditional methods of funding to support its continued rapid growth. Unlike many crowdfunding programmes that simply look to raise donations in return for fringe benefits, BrewDog is offering equity in its business. The cofounders of the brewery, James Watt and Martin Dickie, renowned for brewing bold and creative beers, plan to use the funds raised to further expand the new brewery, the burgeoning bar division and a new series of bottle shops across the UK. In just two months, BrewDog raised £3 million, and is well on track to reach the target before the January 2014 deadline.

Shares in BrewDog are available to buy on

The full press release is available for download below.

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BrewDog launches bid to bring shuffleboard to the Olympics for Tokyo 2020, and opens official training ground, ShuffleDog 

BrewDog plans to recruit army of shuffleboard ‘Olympians’ at new bar, ‘ShuffleDog’.  Scottish craft brewery, BrewDog today launches its bid to have shuffleboard added as an Olympic sport for Tokyo 2020, as it opens the doors to the first ShuffleDog in Leeds. Located at Crispin Lofts, New York Road, Leeds, LS2 7PF, the new concept […]

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Anche i punk giocano in Borsa: la birreria scozzese BrewDog recluta un’armata di azionisti annunciando il suo progetto di crowdfunding record ‘Equity for Punks’

Gli amanti della birra artigianale possono ora comprare le azioni della stravagante birreria BrewDog nei bar di Firenze e Bologna.  Chi l’ha detto che ai punk non interessa giocare in borsa? La birreria scozzese BrewDog lancia oggi un appello per reclutare armate di fan italiani della birra artigianale per unirsi al suo progetto di crowdfunding […]

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