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Blippar™ is the first image-recognition phone app aimed at bringing to life real-world newspapers, magazines, products and posters with exciting augmented reality experiences and instantaneous content. The company launched in the UK in the Summer of 2011 and will be expanding globally throughout 2012.

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Digital Kitchen: The kitchen cupboard comes to life with Blippar’s food and drink campaigns

Brands such as Pepsi, Coke and Heinz have championed the mobile visual discovery platform.

Image recognition specialist Blippar has categorically staked its claim to being the leading augmented reality platform when it comes to the kitchen cupboard and interactive packaging.

Over the last 12 months, brands such as Philadelphia, Coca Cola, Pepsi and JuiceBurst have all become blippable, to excite and engage existing consumers as well as intrigue potential consumers by offering them exclusive interactive content ‘off’ their iconic logos and packaging. Packaging you can play games with, pull recipes out of, watch videos on, listen to music ‘off’ and even get a live weather feed from. The applications are growing daily providing a real point of difference for one brand next to a competitor on the supermarket shelf.

In addition, many of the off-pack Blippar mechanics have been specifically designed to drive repeat purchase, by offering the customer freshly, updated content on a daily or weekly basis – for example with Shreddies cereal providing users with a different Nana ‘pearl of wisdom’ every day, Heinz rewarding fans with a daily prize incentive and Walkers crisps offering live weather forecasts.


Leading the way is household favourite Heinz Ketchup, which first started its on-going Blippar campaign back in 2011. As with each of these campaigns the consumer can use their smartphone to ‘blipp’ the brand’s packaging globally, transforming the pack into a three-dimensional interactive experience. In this instance, Heinz chose not to have a call-to-action on their packaging therefore the results below were even more staggering for having been achieved through word-of-mouth and social media interaction alone.

To date the Heinz Blippar campaign has generated over 570,000 blipps with 170,000 unique global users blipping Heinz packaging around three times each. Interactions are continuing to grow by the thousands on a weekly basis. Interestingly the blipps were as far spread as Hawaii with one blipp even being recorded on a boat in The Gulf of Guinea. Perhaps the most telling statistic is the average time (GMT) for blipps, which is currently 6pm; a popular eating time when people were preparing their evening meal and looking for recipe ideas.


One of the most recent additions to the blippable kitchen cupboard is Pepsi, which has had a magic transformation using Blippar and clever trickery from Bradford-born TV magician Dynamo. As part of its ‘Live for Now’ brand campaign, Pepsi has teamed up with Dynamo to give Pepsi drinkers a different magic trick each time they blipp the packaging of Pepsi Max products.


As part of its year long marketing strategy for 2012, the market leaders in flavoured alcohol WKD, tasked Blippar with implementing its pioneering image recognition technology across a range of media to support its biggest campaign ever; ‘Head of Weekends’.

Blippar created a series of innovative augmented reality experiences for WKD customers showcasing the platform capabilities in a variety of ways including all retail packaging of the product, point of sale, print advertising, and even a uniquely dramatic augmented reality t-shirt.

Juice Burst

Juice Burst has complemented its eye-catching exploding fruit campaign with an off pack interactive packaging campaign, showcasing an innovative 3D fruit machine game . To create further excitement to the campaign Juice Burst’s sales team business cards can also be blipped to help generate retailer excitement.

Juiceburst’s campaign has gained over 63,000 unique users with a reach of over 163,000 blipps worldwide reaching as far as a Vietnam, Qatar and a Nature Reserve in eastern Australia. The most favourable flavour, Blood orange, has accumulated over 2,000 unique blipps alone and interactive mobile enthusiasts are exploring the bottle’s content during the lunch hour, proving Juiceburst is a desirable lunchtime complement for consumers.

Along with Pepsi, Heinz, WKD and Juice Burst, Blippar has worked on campaigns with Philadelphia, Vitamin Water, 5Gum, Walkers, Medley, and Marmite each unique and able to offer the customer something out of the ordinary.


Jess Butcher CMO of Blippar commented:

“The WKD project was such a fun one to be involved with, as it introduced Blippar to a whole new demographic and it was fascinating to see the data spikes around night time events – especially the peak on New Years Eve!”

“Never before has a kitchen cupboard been so fun and interactive. We’ve built up these campaigns over the last couple of years and it’s now great to see them all together. The potential for food & drinks brands to entice new customers with Blippar is huge and we’re looking forward to working with many more brands. We just love the idea that people are now literally playing with their food!”

Ian McCarthy of Heinz commented:

“Using the exciting and innovative technology that the Blippar platform can offer, we were able to inject a burst of energy into the brand allowing consumers to be part of an interactive and engaging experience”

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