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Online resources bring 25% productivity increase to ICON TRAINING assessors

ICON TRAINING, based in Monmouthshire, South Wales, has launched a new online resource to help learners hoping to qualify as health and fitness industry professionals complete their Active IQ accredited NVQ qualifications. Implemented by SkillWise in conjunction with Active IQ, the e-portfolio system has had a fantastic effect on the delivery and assessment of NVQ qualifications for ICON and has seen the productivity of assessors increase by up to 25% in the first six months.

  • The e-portfolio works as a digital archive that allows information to be stored with both efficiency and ease
  • One of the most obvious benefits of the e-portfolio is the comparative efficiency of the system in relation to the old paper-based methods
  • Instead of having to maintain an ever growing paper trail of evidence and documentation, everything is neatly organised in the digital archive, and available at the click of a mouse
  • SkillWise estimates that this allows assessors to increase their productivity by up to 25%, which itself translates to a significant cost saving measure
  • From the perspective of the learner, the ability to upload work at any point, and the fact that assessors can also access the work, means that they can receive frequent feedback even between face-to-face meetings
  • ICON TRAINING has reported positive feedback in this regard with learners commenting on the extra support that has been available since the introduction of the e-portfolio


Paul Greenhalgh, Director of SkillWise explains:

The system contains a pre-mapped checklist of objectives that learners are looking to complete. Learners can log work or evidence onto their own e-portfolio, which can then be compared and assessed against the checklist. Not only does this allow learners to monitor their own progress, but it provides both assessors and the internal quality assurance team with instant access to the work.

Laura Vale, the Skills Development Manager at ICON TRAINING, comments:

The e-portfolios have been a fantastic innovation for the centre, really improving the resources that we are able to offer to our learners. The Active IQ qualifications are really important to health and fitness professionals, and now we can precisely track the progress of the learners in a manner that is both quick, effective and convenient. The whole project has been a huge success, and every single learner is currently on target to meet their planned qualification completion dates.

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