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#1seed offers a refreshing and effective new way to help build awesome tech companies. We're offering a different approach for startups raising their seed round of finance. For the right startups we invest personally, we are happy to lead the round, we mentor, we can incubate, we advise, we open doors, anything we can do to help really.

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Innovative new angel investment organisation #1seed gives advice on the top ten ways to meet investors

For startups, the initial seed round is crucial in its attempt to kick start success for the next stage of funding. Meeting with potential investors is the first step of seed funding and startups are forever networking to ensure they get in front of the right people at the right time.  It’s not all about finding investors; it’s how to prepare for the meetings and making the most of the time invested in the process. Entrepreneur investor Raj Ramanandi, Founder and CEO at #1seed is always on the lookout for exciting technology and mobile startups and has compiled a list to advise startups on how to maximise the opportunity to meet investors.

  • Networking is key in the startup world and can prove extremely rewarding
  • Knowing local investor hangouts can provide opportunities to secure all-important seed round investment
  • #1seed suggests a range of the top hangouts for startups, including:
  1. Big conferences
  2. Large networking events
  3. Introductions
  4. Demo days
  5. Private members’ clubs
  6. Social events
  7. Events with influential journalists and bloggers
  8. LinkedIn
  9. Making friends
  10. New, novel events


Raj Ramanandi, CEO of #1seed commented:

“Knowing where to meet investors is key but it’s also crucially important that startups do their research before approaching an investor. By understanding the types of startups and the specific industries the investors are interested in, will help determine if it is worth a meeting. Knowing beforehand what stage and level of investment they are likely to be able to commit to will save you time in the long run. There is no point in approaching investors who only invest upwards of £500k when you need to raise £100k.”

Raj Ramanandi continued:

“Startups should treat investment meetings like job interviews, by researching the company and its products and services to ensure it is right for them. Preparation for a meeting with an investor should be the same, although generally it’s worth noting that us investors are often a bit more grilling than a potential employer! Most investors have a website that outlines their general principles so startups should spend time looking at them. At #1seed, we not only invest in startups but we help them to find their initial round of funding too, so its worth getting in touch to see how we can assist.”

Download the full press release below.

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Innovative new angel investment organisation #1seed plan to ‘reinvent the funding process’ for technology startups. A new organisation designed to invest in and assist UK startups has today been officially launched by digital entrepreneurs Raj Ramanandi and Lee Pickrell. Designed as an ‘antidote to the staid investment scene’ #1seed aims to bring startups directly to […]

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