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#1seed offers a refreshing and effective new way to help build awesome tech companies. We're offering a different approach for startups raising their seed round of finance. For the right startups we invest personally, we are happy to lead the round, we mentor, we can incubate, we advise, we open doors, anything we can do to help really.

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Innovative new angel investment organisation #1seed plan to ‘reinvent the funding process’ for technology startups.

A new organisation designed to invest in and assist UK startups has today been officially launched by digital entrepreneurs Raj Ramanandi and Lee Pickrell. Designed as an ‘antidote to the staid investment scene’ #1seed aims to bring startups directly to the investors that will help the most, as well as providing investment to kick start a company’s initial ‘seed round’ of funding.

  • Unlike other investors, #1seed isn’t a fund
  • #1seed seeks to find and bring together innovative investors and promising startups
  • #1seed also has plans to target other European entrepreneurial hubs, such as Paris and Berlin.
  • The company has conducted in-depth research into more than 50 London tech startups to establish trends and hurdles faced when seeking investment


Raj Ramanandi, CEO of #1seed commented:

“The investor stereotype is a staid and dusty one – individuals who have money but no connection to or understanding of the pressures on startups. #1seed is designed to reinvent the funding process and find both the investors that break the mould and the startups equipped for success.”

Raj Ramanandi continued:

“Our aim is to shake the dust from the investment process and provide startups with a younger, more agile alternative to the usual formulaic methods that often result in mismatched investors and startups.”

“The economic downturn across Europe has fuelled a surge of entrepreneurial spirit. We believe #1seed provides an essential step-up for those startups with all the ingredients for success without the guidance to achieve it.”

“Whether we are in London, Paris, Berlin or Silicon Valley, we are reinventing the investment process with a less stuffy, less formulaic and less cumbersome process that puts startups at the heart of the strategy.”

Download the full press release below.

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