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Queenacise…Harpers Fitness has a Right Royal Workout to help the Queen (and country) prepare for the Jubilee festivities

Inspired by the Queen’s enduring trimness, and in preparation for the demands of the Jubilee weekend, Harpers Fitness has put together a few tips on how people across the land can get one’s leg, arms and buttocks into Buckingham palace shape.

  • Harpers Fitness, which runs over 70 gyms and leisure centre facilities across the country, has used its industry expertise to come up with three specific exercises that would ensure the Queen is in tip-top shape for the exertions of a very special weekend
  • With the excitement of the nation building, who knows – she might already be doing them
  • The recommended exercises are:
  • The Wave: Hold one’s arm to the side of one’s body and raise, so that the arm is held out in front of the body and the elbow is bent at a right angle. With fingers loosely together and a slightly cupped palm, slowly rotate one’s wrist. Repeat with other arm. Aim to do three sets of 20 repetitions
  • The Royal Squat: Stand up straight, then lower one’s posterior (crown jewels?) into a sitting position and maintaining a straight back, before slowly returning to the standing position. Repeat in sets of five – remembering to keep the expression on your face regal at all times. To ensure your back remains in the perfect ‘neutral’ position you should consider balancing a crown on one’s head and ensure it doesn’t fall off
  • The Downward Corgi: Get on to one’s hands and knees. Pressing one’s hands into the floor/mat, slowly raise one’s hips, while learning back until one’s head, shoulders and spine are all aligned. This should lift one’s knees and make your body form a triangle with the floor/mat. Legs can be straight, although beginners may want to bend their legs slightly for a slightly less intense core workout


Kevin Yates, Health and Fitness expert at Harpers Fitness commented:

This may be a light hearted look at exercise, but there is a serious message.  We think it’s important everyone – young and old enjoy exercise and physical activity as part of their everyday lifestyle. Obviously, the Queen is in fantastic shape and a great example to everyone in country, but we want to make sure that our gyms help everyone age as gracefully as her Royal Highness!

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